Giving up? What’s that?

There’s no giving up here I’m just soldiering on – Hup 2,3,4.

I think Social Emotional Wellbeing & Learning is ultra important for students especially these days as it appears there is so much more help needed as there seems to be more and more kids with so many risk factors…I think more now than when I was a t school.

I just finished watching the 20min youtube clip on SEL and brain development ‘The Heart Brain Connection’ and I found it truly fascinating. I really think in the long run I would like to be able to assist students with this development which impacts into the adult lives.  It would be great if all schools had a SEL Officer or (Pastoral Care officer like in the this link  from Teacher’s T.V – Module 5 – the second head teacher and the while school approach).  In my opinion I  also think to call this type of staff member a SEW & L Officer would be better than saying Pastoral Care or Counsellor as I think they both have a type of stigma that goes with them (Pastoral Care could appear to be Church based and Counsellor appears to be more for mental illness – which may shy people away from asking for assistance, only in my opinion).  I originally thought I would like to be a Behaviour Intervention Specialist, now I am heading more towards (if schools do this) a SEW & L Officer which also guides students behaviours through SEL.

So, there is no giving up here, I am more excited about finishing next year and getting out into schools to help students.

Thanks again for listening.


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