Hope for the future

Hi Everyone,

I just want to start by saying I am enjoying the course regarding Social Emotional Wellbeing (SEW) and am learning how to assist students not only with special needs by all students regarding SEW.

However, I am really struggling (after my recent prac) to find HOW all of this can be implemented into a curriculum that appears to be so full.  While on prac I asked my mentor about teaching her kids through different strategies and applying different resources, assessments and extending content through giving students a choice. But, it just seemed that all cohorts had to do the same thing as each other eg read the same texts and not deviate because everyone was to do the same thing, or create the same boring artwork (like a cookie cutter), and to complete the same worksheet and pencil/paper assessment…. sorry but boring, boring, boring.

Part of this recent module (Module 5 from SEW) includes:

‘…In addition, the school can promote SEW by providing pastoral care or welfare support staff, by supporting professional development, and by including relevant skills in the curriculum (such as problem-solving or communication). A broad based curriculum, in which students can choose from a variety of learning areas and school activities, gives young people an opportunity to excel and helps create a sense of achievement.

Once I am a teacher I have so many ideas that I would love to implement to extend students knowledge, abilities and attitudes along with social awareness skills in fun and interesting ways, small group work, lots of discussion, working outside of the classroom and incorporating ICT’s. But most importantly giving students some choice in their work and assessments and a voice to speak honestly but respectfully about their feelings and thoughts in a whole class supported environment. This would include assessment-for -learning where students can give each other feedback without it being taken personally, where students can take the feedback on board and extend their knowledge and abilities through peer assistance.  I believe this gives students not only a voice but also responsibility in their own actions – to learn and also to have empathy to others and use correct communication to voice opinions.

 Through many of my Uni assignments where I have created Lesson Plans and Unit plans I have tried to incorporate these ideas and to ensure all students feel included. However, once going into the ‘real word’ and seeing and hearing what is done I am struggling to see how my ideas and what we are learning at Uni fits in with the full curriculum, time frame and deadlines, assessments and reporting and teaching practices and paper work that teacher REALLY do.

I really hope that my ideas CAN be implemented in my future teaching to really make a difference in kids lives and to support the community in the future where these students can positively and actively contribute to society in their own.

Thanks for listening.


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