To be a Teacher….

What really does it take to be a great teacher. A teacher that students will look back on and say I remember when my teacher said …..this to me

OR did …..that for me.

How much effort and extra time does it truly take to make someone feel special even if it is just for a moment.

The other day I witnessed something that has made me feel very tragic and I keep thinking about this …  So, I feel it is time for me to reflect.

As I was in class the teacher asked for all students to get out the song script for ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow”.  I noticed that up the back of the class a group of 4 Special Ed students were sitting there – nothing in front of them.  So I asked them if they had the song script. A confused ‘No’ was replied.  So, I went to find some more scripts to hand out…nothing.  Upon asking the teacher she said ‘Oh, dont”t worry about them they can just sing to the song without the script’

Honestly, are you serious!!  How hard is it to photocopy sheets of paper for the number of students in your class? How hard is it to enlarge it so they can try to read the words that they know?  How hard is it to pair these kids up with more able students to point to the words as the song is played?

I was devastated and still am….

This is not the expectations…

This experience has made me more mindful of differentiating to all students, to give all students the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging and feel included.

It is their right to have these opportunities and

It is our job to give them these opportunities.