Blinkers on: Valuable Lessons

Well today I had a similar health report on prac similar to this post I just read.

As the students were lining up in their seated position in the eating area ready to go back to class I learnt that one of the children had a peanut allergy.  This child was standing away from the rest of the class because there were squashed peanuts on the ground….Fair enough I thought and said that it was fine for him to stand to the side.

About 5 mins later two teachers were talking to him and telling him that he needed to sit on the ground with the rest of the class.  As I explained about the peanut allergy and  anaphylaxis they just shrugged and said that if anything happens that it would be because the friend of the boy had rolled through the squashed peanuts.  I felt that these two teachers had blinkers on regarding the consequences of what could actually happen.

This taught me a valuable lesson today where I will always put the students needs first especially regarding important health issues that could turn into a major catastrophe.

I found this Anaphylaxis website  which I believe all teachers, teacher aids and other people that will be dealing with students should read to be well informed.


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