Artwork and Technology

I discovered this post by Cheri Lucas Rowlands  regarding art work from a wonderful artist that collaborates with her daughter.  This artwork is amazing!!

I also found this site regarding computer generated paintings of “Rembrandt” which has been unveiled in Amsterdam.

The technology, research and collaboration took 18 months to complete this fine ‘resurrected’ artwork.

Between “old fashioned” painting and drawings using a steady hand creating specific textures, colours and patterns now to this technology where you cannot tell the difference is an amazing leap in the 21st Century.

I believe this is precisely why we as teachers (nearly) need to discover and open the doors to students creative abilities where they will be the ones to develop the next lot of technology to create something new and wonderful.  I think this will also empower students to see the results of putting creative abilities forward resulting in something that has never been seen before.

The saying “The World is your Oyster” comes to mind through this, where anything is possible.





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