Steps to Try to Keep Kids Safe Online:

Yesterday I wrote a blog just after completing activities from my Uni Course EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy where I was completely shocked at how some ICT can work .I am still getting over the fact that digital cameras can create a longitude and latitude location. In some way  though…. I am amazed at how talented the creators are of these gadgets and gizmos.

However, after the shock factor I have now looked at numerous sites where I have found a few ways of keeping kids safer (or a bit safer) online:

  • Students to understand Safer online sites such as Instant Messenger, Skype rather than Face-Book and other social media sites
  • Ensure Web Filtering is set in place – This filtering is designed to block inappropriate sites, scamming, spy ware and peer-to-peer sessions.
  • Setup DETE 3G access ‘…Students usingDETE 3G connections to access the internet away from school are automatically enforced with the same level of filtering they experience at school…’ (Department of Education and Training, 2012).
  • Resources – There are many different resources which support the National Safe School Framework that can be incorporated into classroom lessons.
  • Ensure that students are aware of how to be safe when using online sites/platforms. The office of childrens’ eSafety Commissioner has a few good classroom resources such as “Hectors World” to teach kids about eSafety.




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