Exif Viewer site and the Lollipop Youtube


Unbelievable…..I never knew that anyone could find the location of a photo or that digital cameras kept longitude and latitude co-ordinates.  I am totally amazed….and utterly terrified of this thought.

I am not one to put photos on the internet.  I don’t even do face-book (I once did a long time ago until someone I knew was getting bullied and then it reflected on myself and family, so no more face-book for me).

The only thought that I can give from being shown that photos can give more information than once thought would be to only put photos on social sites if they are acceptable.  Through this uni activity and seeing someone ‘…twerk on a wall…’ and view the Lollipop youtube sight gives me the chills (and in an awful way).  I will admit that I only watched the first 3 secs of the Lollipop video as it scared me!!!  Seeing the ‘twerking’ photo – even though it is hilarious I also feel embarrassment for the female in the photo and I sunk down in my chair as this embarrassing feeling came over me.

This also instils the thought of never using social media!!!!

It is too risky!!!


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