Digital Citizenship

Even though I use my laptop to study on-line, submit assignments through moodle (studydesk), email the uni, and family & friends I feel as though I am not “experienced” with ICT.  My conceptual understanding for many things is not refined as I still bumble my way through a trial and error process.  I would however, like to the EDC3100 ICT & Pedagogy team for making me step out of my comfort zone. I am now joining numerous Educational sites for lesson plans, assessments, other resources and creating a Personal Learning Network where a plethora of knowledge is being delivered my way by many helpful and successful Educators and Researchers.  So, thank you to the EDC3100 Team.

I have just taken 2 quizzes: the first one relates to what I know about Cyber bullying and scored 2/5.  One of the answers that I had incorrect was to do with the most frequently used type of bullying, The answer was face-to-face bullying.  I believe that where kids are bullied face-to-face it is only a matter of time before the bully realises that they can also attack the person 24/7 through their mobile device (texting/blogging/twittering). This bullying process needs to be stopped at the face-to-face bullying stage before the rolling ball accelerates into something that is mostly unstoppable due to social media.

The second quiz was about being Cyber smart.  While going through the quiz I really feel that my cyber paranoia was being reflected by answering questions with either  selecting the“deleting or not opening” option of different sites/emails etc which the question was asking about.  However, I did get most things correct.  So from this I guess that paranoia is a good thing when it comes to social media.

Also the saying ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry’ also comes to mind.




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