Transforming Learning through ICT

So this semester has been the most busiest and stressful semester yet.  I am crossing my fingers that it is because of the subjects I have chosen and not because I am now in my 3rd year of Uni.

Through my ICT & Prac subject I have learnt that there are many ways to use ICT where some are just substituting pen and paper.  To really have some type of benefit from ICT the teachers Pedagogy is required for students not just to use ICT and learn from it but to learn with ICT.

This brings me to the point of searching for ICT which will not only enhance students’ ICT capabilities but to transform their learning into something great where they are experiencing necessary skills required to live and work in the 21st Century. Similar to Michelle I have struggled with this.

I found after I really analysed specific words from the Australian Curriculum ICT Capability and put my thinking cap on gave me the conclusion that whenever students can represent knolwedge in new ways and create, design and present a new product such as a multimodal presentation, a powerpoint or storyboard, would be regarded as a transformative ICT. This is because students have learnt knowledge within the constructing phase and then applied the knowledge into a new context.

I wish everyone the best of luck with this assignment.





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