Literacy Light Bulb

Just wanted to share a few light-bulb literacy moments that I had with my 4 yr old this morning.

                    We were walking through the school carpark dropping off her sister when I started talking to her about watching for cars and ‘look at the arrows on the road that tells you which way the cars will be driving’ When she said and pointed out a sign “look mum ..stop…” As she was pointing to a stop sign.   I realised that she was using literacy knowledge of shape and colour to tell what the stop sign was saying and she new the ‘S’ and the ‘T’ letter name and sound.

            We then went grocery shopping and she wanted to ‘read’ the list when I thought, for her to actually know what the list said maybe next time I could draw a picture of milk, bread, eggs, bananas for her to join in with shopping.

             So, as we were looking for English Muffins she pointed out the correct brand when another light bulb turned on – again she was using her prior knowledge of knowing what the label looks like to be able to ‘read’ and choose the correct ones.

               We collected the receipt and on the back was the doughnut shop advertising coffee and doughnut….. Yep you guessed it – she new what it was all about by the picture clues. Yumm Yumm.


While researching for my Literacy assignment I came across ‘Teaching Comprehension Strategies’  which I thought would come in very handy for Professional Experience as Karen suggested and in your future career.


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