The Digital Age

As I have been researching for my ICT  & Prac Assignment 2 I came across this Terry Heick regarding Tomorrow’s Learning Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create a Classroom of the Future. This site contains many links and talks about transforming students’ learning for the future…..Yippee that’s exactly what the assignment is about.

So, if you are like Jodi and me and have a cyclone coming out of your ears read Terry’s post and hopefully ideas will flow.

As pre-service teachers we are in the best position. We should be now starting to research, gather material and resources,and  ideas & understandings of how we could and should teach future students.  It is imperative that students have access to technology and develop skills to unsure academic and future ICT success within the digital age of the 21st Century.  IT IS UP TO US TO ENSURE SUCCESS!!!


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