Why not use ICT?

Hi, so this is a late idea to post my “Why not use ICT?” concept map from the Gliffy Website to my blog.

So, my previous post was about how many ICT only substitute student’s learning instead of enhancing and transforming their learning (Learning with ICT instead of Learning form ICT), and one thing that I had in my mind was that concept maps were substituting.  I would like to stick with this idea but also add in here a bit of a clause…

If teachers’ use digital concept maps to enhance student learning the students should create a link within specific words of their concept map which will take the reader/student to other sites whereby relating the ideas presented.  This I believe would advance more heavily towards knowledge structures (rather than using pen and paper concept maps) where the students can further produce knowledge structures.   From here, to share these ideas with community members or internationally will form an overall international school of learning.

Through a backwards mapping design  teachers would be able to justify the use of ICT within their classrooms where the ICT chosen will benefit the students the most.  Hence, enhancing and transforming their learning.


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