ICT for Learning

I am currently working through this weeks learning path and have come the the mindtools page which refers back to a learning path a few weeks ago that included a Dinosaur database.  I have looked at this database (and please correct me if I am wrong) it appears good but when I really think about it, it  isn’t a good example of enhancing or transforming student learning.  It is a good ICT to implement in a classroom but it is just a substitute for using pen and paper to rule up a table in a workbook and also substitutes cutting a gluing dinosaur pictures into your workbook table too??

I have also looked at this Mindtools Website where and clicking on Mindmaps.  These maps also appear to be great but I keep coming to the same conclusion that this type of map can just be made using pen and paper too.

I am finding it hard to think of many enhancing and transforming ICT to put in my Year 5 English Unit plan, as a lot of ICT in examplar lesson plans and learning plan examples (for me) seem to come back to substitution of traditional ways of learning (with pen and paper).

I have discovered Jodi’s blog regarding ‘How to create ICT rich learning experiences’ and figure that many people will be in the same boat as me.


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