Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

I just wanted to share a site that I found regarding Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

The following is an extract from the site which I believe is an important consideration for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers to remember

“Pedagogical content knowledge research links knowledge on teaching with knowledge about learning, a powerful knowledge base on which to build teaching expertise.”

It is not good enough to know everything about a subject.  If you can’t actually teach it and get the information across for students to understand then your knowledge is lost.  This is also vice versa that it is also not good enough just to be able to be a fun teacher that can form professional relationships with students and fun activities.  If the students are not learning the essentials and able to transform prior knowledge with new knowledge within different experiences then your teaching will be lost.

A teacher needs to have the content specific knowledge, that can be learnt within interesting and relevant experiences where students knowledge will be transformed and extended.

This information will also aid in the ICT and Pedagogy unit plan.  I was looking through my wordpress bloggs and notice that Jodie has started researching her assignment focussing on integrating ICT within HPE.  I think this would be very interesting topic where the teacher’s PCK is up to date on the latest fitness trends and the most recent fitness ICT to be implemented in their lessons.




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