Year 5 Unit Plan: Mythical Creature Escaped!!!

This Year 5 Unit plan incorporates English and ICT General Capabilities and will run for 5 weeks where Harmony Day will occur at the end of the 5 weeks.  My idea for this unit plan is for students to be immersed in:

Reading, viewing and listening to a wide range of informative, persuasive and imaginative texts such as narratives, news reports/recounts and procedural manuals to analyse the purposes, language used and structures within these texts to make personal judgements and to inform their opinions.  Students will also interpret and analyse visual/illustrative clues from pictures, information graphs and maps to create ideas and to design their own Mythical creature.

Students will communicate to their school’s sister school in Athens (Greece) via the students’ personal class blogg’s to deliver and share information regarding Australian Indigenous animals/legends and receive back, collect and interpret Greek cultural Mythical creatures’ history, locations and tales.  This enables students to use subject knowledge and language from reading and viewing maps, location name of areas where mythical creatures existed, knowledge of history/tales of Greek mythical creatures.

Students will be explicitly taught grammar knowledge to collaboratively create and record a news report/interview requiring numerous tense verbs for recounts, complex sentences for persuasive texts allowing students to persuade the audience to believe that they had an encounter with a Mythical Creature from Athens (their designed creature).  Students will use nouns and adjectives within their report/interview to describe and represent Greek Peoples, places and things (Summative 1).

By the end of the unit students should be able to create a multimodal presentation to use as the background and to enhance their oral presentation to the class (Hunting Tribe) of “How to capture my Mythical Creature” (Summative 2). Students can choose their own design/layout/text structure for their Summative Assessment 2 such as:

  1. creating a PowerPoint Presentation using photos/images from their blogg information with a procedural structured oral presentation or
  2. use photographs/create short video of their created Mythical Creature combined with a narrative structure to present orally.


The following are the English Curriculum Year 5 Content Descriptions and Elaborations with the ICT general capabilities I am hoping to use.  I was initially looking for the Year 5 History content descriptions, which last year I saw a description for Mythical creatures.  However, at the moment there is no History curriculum through the ACARA for Primary years.

I would also like to be guided by the general capability of ‘Intercultural Understanding’ (ACARA) even though the following content descriptions do not link to Intercultural Understandings.


English: Literacy / Creating texts / ACELY1704×

  • Content Description: Plan, draft and publish imaginative, informative and persuasive print and multimodal texts, choosing text structures, language features, images and sound appropriate to purpose and audience


1a) using vocabulary, including technical vocabulary, appropriate to purpose and context

1b) using appropriate grammatical features, including more complex sentences and relevant

verb tense, pronoun reference, adverb and noun groups/phrases for effective descriptions


English: Literacy / Interacting with others / ACELY1700×

  • Content description: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements


2a) planning a report on a topic, sequencing ideas logically and providing supporting detail,

including graphics, sound and visuals to enhance audience engagement and understanding


Literature / Creating literature (ACELT1612) …

  • Content Description: Create literary texts using realistic and fantasy settings and characters that draw on the worlds represented in texts students have experienced


3a) using texts with computer-based graphics, animation and 2D qualities, consider how and

why particular traits for a character have been chosen


General Capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Locate, generate and access data and information
  • Creating with ICT
  • Communicating with ICT



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