Transforming Learning through ICT

So this semester has been the most busiest and stressful semester yet.  I am crossing my fingers that it is because of the subjects I have chosen and not because I am now in my 3rd year of Uni.

Through my ICT & Prac subject I have learnt that there are many ways to use ICT where some are just substituting pen and paper.  To really have some type of benefit from ICT the teachers Pedagogy is required for students not just to use ICT and learn from it but to learn with ICT.

This brings me to the point of searching for ICT which will not only enhance students’ ICT capabilities but to transform their learning into something great where they are experiencing necessary skills required to live and work in the 21st Century. Similar to Michelle I have struggled with this.

I found after I really analysed specific words from the Australian Curriculum ICT Capability and put my thinking cap on gave me the conclusion that whenever students can represent knolwedge in new ways and create, design and present a new product such as a multimodal presentation, a powerpoint or storyboard, would be regarded as a transformative ICT. This is because students have learnt knowledge within the constructing phase and then applied the knowledge into a new context.

I wish everyone the best of luck with this assignment.





ICT Assignment 2 and Prac

I am over the moon with my placement of prac (a local school in Hervey Bay and in a Year  5 Class).

I am in total shock that my chosen year level for assignment 2 is the same year level for my prac…Yippee.  So I am now hoping to use a lot of my assignment 2 English Unit plan ideas and ICT within my prac.  I am crossing my fingers that this will cut down on the work load for assignment 3 where we need to incorporate 5 lessons plans from our prac.

A list of ICT ideas to implement for my Year 5 prac:

Mindmaps:(Freemind), Powerpoint, Storyboard, Database collection, Youtube.

I found this great storyboard called Storyboard That which looks great!



Prac Placement

After reading numerous blogs regarding prac placement I decided to try another email to ask when I would know where and what year level my next prac would be in.  Similar to mrclancyblog I now have a wait lifted off my shoulders in wondering where I am going to be placed. I have now received confirmation of going to Kawungan School in a Year 5 class. I am very happy with this placement as it is in a Year level that I like and is still within Hervey Bay.

So I have now completed my pracs in a double year 5 class of 47 kids (1st prac: was a bit scary to start with but I totally enjoyed myself after the initial shock of this massive classroom), a Year 4 class and a Year 1 class.

Literacy Light Bulb

Just wanted to share a few light-bulb literacy moments that I had with my 4 yr old this morning.

                    We were walking through the school carpark dropping off her sister when I started talking to her about watching for cars and ‘look at the arrows on the road that tells you which way the cars will be driving’ When she said and pointed out a sign “look mum ..stop…” As she was pointing to a stop sign.   I realised that she was using literacy knowledge of shape and colour to tell what the stop sign was saying and she new the ‘S’ and the ‘T’ letter name and sound.

            We then went grocery shopping and she wanted to ‘read’ the list when I thought, for her to actually know what the list said maybe next time I could draw a picture of milk, bread, eggs, bananas for her to join in with shopping.

             So, as we were looking for English Muffins she pointed out the correct brand when another light bulb turned on – again she was using her prior knowledge of knowing what the label looks like to be able to ‘read’ and choose the correct ones.

               We collected the receipt and on the back was the doughnut shop advertising coffee and doughnut….. Yep you guessed it – she new what it was all about by the picture clues. Yumm Yumm.


While researching for my Literacy assignment I came across ‘Teaching Comprehension Strategies’  which I thought would come in very handy for Professional Experience as Karen suggested and in your future career.

The Digital Age

As I have been researching for my ICT  & Prac Assignment 2 I came across this Terry Heick regarding Tomorrow’s Learning Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create a Classroom of the Future. This site contains many links and talks about transforming students’ learning for the future…..Yippee that’s exactly what the assignment is about.

So, if you are like Jodi and me and have a cyclone coming out of your ears read Terry’s post and hopefully ideas will flow.

As pre-service teachers we are in the best position. We should be now starting to research, gather material and resources,and  ideas & understandings of how we could and should teach future students.  It is imperative that students have access to technology and develop skills to unsure academic and future ICT success within the digital age of the 21st Century.  IT IS UP TO US TO ENSURE SUCCESS!!!

Why not use ICT?

Hi, so this is a late idea to post my “Why not use ICT?” concept map from the Gliffy Website to my blog.

So, my previous post was about how many ICT only substitute student’s learning instead of enhancing and transforming their learning (Learning with ICT instead of Learning form ICT), and one thing that I had in my mind was that concept maps were substituting.  I would like to stick with this idea but also add in here a bit of a clause…

If teachers’ use digital concept maps to enhance student learning the students should create a link within specific words of their concept map which will take the reader/student to other sites whereby relating the ideas presented.  This I believe would advance more heavily towards knowledge structures (rather than using pen and paper concept maps) where the students can further produce knowledge structures.   From here, to share these ideas with community members or internationally will form an overall international school of learning.

Through a backwards mapping design  teachers would be able to justify the use of ICT within their classrooms where the ICT chosen will benefit the students the most.  Hence, enhancing and transforming their learning.

Hot Chocolate Nights

So, many people I have seen lately have asked “So, how was your school holidays?” Are you kidding…I am at Uni!!! What school holidays?

At the start of the holidays I was way behind in my 3 courses, and had to complete 1 assignment and start another, not to mention the excessive amount of reading while the kids are asking me to play.  My golly gosh!!!

I like Jodi have truly struggled this semester with the amount of work required.  But in saying all of this it is now the end of the so called holidays and am feeling better with my position now. I have caught up with all my subjects, have finished and submitted my assignment and have made a good start with this ICT 5 week unit plan assignment.  So, all in all midnight nights with a soothing hot chocolate have been good for me.

ICT for Learning

I am currently working through this weeks learning path and have come the the mindtools page which refers back to a learning path a few weeks ago that included a Dinosaur database.  I have looked at this database (and please correct me if I am wrong) it appears good but when I really think about it, it  isn’t a good example of enhancing or transforming student learning.  It is a good ICT to implement in a classroom but it is just a substitute for using pen and paper to rule up a table in a workbook and also substitutes cutting a gluing dinosaur pictures into your workbook table too??

I have also looked at this Mindtools Website where and clicking on Mindmaps.  These maps also appear to be great but I keep coming to the same conclusion that this type of map can just be made using pen and paper too.

I am finding it hard to think of many enhancing and transforming ICT to put in my Year 5 English Unit plan, as a lot of ICT in examplar lesson plans and learning plan examples (for me) seem to come back to substitution of traditional ways of learning (with pen and paper).

I have discovered Jodi’s blog regarding ‘How to create ICT rich learning experiences’ and figure that many people will be in the same boat as me.

Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

I just wanted to share a site that I found regarding Pedagogical Content Knowledge (PCK)

The following is an extract from the site which I believe is an important consideration for pre-service teachers and in-service teachers to remember

“Pedagogical content knowledge research links knowledge on teaching with knowledge about learning, a powerful knowledge base on which to build teaching expertise.”

It is not good enough to know everything about a subject.  If you can’t actually teach it and get the information across for students to understand then your knowledge is lost.  This is also vice versa that it is also not good enough just to be able to be a fun teacher that can form professional relationships with students and fun activities.  If the students are not learning the essentials and able to transform prior knowledge with new knowledge within different experiences then your teaching will be lost.

A teacher needs to have the content specific knowledge, that can be learnt within interesting and relevant experiences where students knowledge will be transformed and extended.

This information will also aid in the ICT and Pedagogy unit plan.  I was looking through my wordpress bloggs and notice that Jodie has started researching her assignment focussing on integrating ICT within HPE.  I think this would be very interesting topic where the teacher’s PCK is up to date on the latest fitness trends and the most recent fitness ICT to be implemented in their lessons.



Constructing and Transforming Knowledge

So since writing my blogg yesterday and visiting Unit Plan ideas website I have returned to day to realised that the content descriptions were not Transformative and Constructing knowledge and therefore not very good to put together.

So I have changed these English Year 5 descriptors for my Unit plan “Mythical Creature Escaped!!!  to include:


English: Language/Text structure and organisation / ACELA1504×

Content Description: Understand how texts vary in purpose, structure and topic as well as the degree of formality

 Constructing knowledge to understand the processes/procedures and facts of various text types

English: Language / Expressing and developing ideas / ACELA1508×
ContentDescription: Understand how noun groups/phrases and adjective groups/phrases can be expanded in a variety of ways to provide a fuller description of the person, place, thing or idea
how noun groups/phrases and adjective groups/phrases can be expanded in a
variety of ways to provide a fuller description of the person, place, thing or

(Constructing knowledge) students need to learn the processes of noun groups/phrases and adjective groups/phrases


English: Literacy / Interacting with others / ACELY1700×

1)      Content description: Plan, rehearse and deliver presentations for defined audiences and purposes incorporating accurate and sequenced content and multimodal elements Transforming: by applying learnt knowledge to plan and deliver presentations. Transforming is in unfamiliar situation/context

So, my question today is if I can include the ICT General Capabilities in my Unit plan in the appropriate Construct or Transform box with my content descriptions??

General Capability Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

1)      Locate, generate and access data and information

(Construct knowledge) students conceptual understanding needs to be constructed to enable success in locating, and accessing data and information and also the procedures of knowing how to generate pieces of data/information.

2)      Creating with ICT

(Both Construct knowledge and Transform) students need to have their conceptual understandings of the ways the ICT device/program works for their understanding to be enhanced and transformed to being able to create something new.

3)      Communicating with ICT

(Both Construct and Transform) students need to know the procedure to construct communications in formal and informal ways and then to apply this knowledge to actually communicate through numerous multimedia.

I believe I am on the right track with my thinking now and am excited at the feeling of one day I might be able to implement this unit into my classroom.  The thought of students constructing knowledges and transforming their understanding to create a product from their constructed knowledge is a very exciting process.