Reflection Time: Becoming a Teacher

I love the web blog Top Notch Teaching thanks to mberm 14 for finding it.

One of the best parts of Top Notch Teaching is the “100 Things I’ve Learned about being a Teacher”.  In reading this area of the blog it made me start to think about my own prac and things that I would like to achieve and practice while out there in a supported space with my new mentor.

  1. Time Management – Many times I seem to run out of time and go over the designated time limit for that lesson.  I think when I plan my lesson it is fine but once I actually teach it I need to ‘stick with the plan’ and watch the clock.

2. Behaviour Management Strategies – I would like to try different strategies instead of using the usual clapping signal, hands on my head for students to copy, one arm raised to signal listening and the count down.  I would like to try:after I have got the attention of a small group of chatty kids to hold their attention with one hand out (like a stop sign) while looking away and talking to another group.  This is meant to signal to the ‘chatterboxes’ that “my eyes are still watching you!” Also the ‘thinking pose’ with one hand to my chin to demonstrate and model ‘I am thinking’.  This would be used when I ask a tricky question I would say “So, what do you think?” (and put my hand to my chin).

3.Marking work – My last prac my mentor kept reminding me to mark the kids work (lol).  I guess being on prac I didn’t think of this as I thought the teacher would like to correct the kids work.  But, yes I need to mark kids work… (how silly not too,  I need to know what I’m doing is getting through to them, right?) lol.


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