My Reflection: The ICT Teaching World

I was just watching an ICT Booklet “Where you fit?” from my Uni subject ICT & Pedagogy regarding where we all fit in the world of ICT?? To be frank about it, the visuals are exactly how I feel and I am sure many more students, teachers and others feel the same way!!! Small, like a little dot compared to the amount of information that is being made and is out there in the cloud ‘somewhere’.  It is very overwhelming!

I also came across a site from my Diigo account Educational Videos, Free Kids Videos and Technology/TeacherTube thanks to cassandranewton. Where I followed the link to reach the Teach The World site.  This site looks full of great ideas for pre-service teachers and experienced teachers requiring a lesson plan ‘on-the-go’.  Once searching through this site I came across more lesson plans through the Lesson Planet Website? (No wonder people can sit on their computers all day, searching, clicking on links taking you further into the Information & Communication Technologies of the 21st Century!!!)

Any way, I am wondering about the Lesson Planet website?  I have found numerous lesson plans on this site but to actually look at them I need to sign up for a free 10 day trial.

My concerns are that:

1) after the 10 days I may get charged and/or

2) The sight may not allow the Uni Marker (for my 1st ICT assignment) to look at the plan (URL) if it is after the 10 day period

What do you think of this Lesson Planet sight?

While trying to develop resources for future efficiency  I am finding it hard to find a lesson plan that  “demonstrates a broad array of quality when it comes to how ICT is used”, which is what the assignment 1 task asks for.

I feel that if the lesson plan I choose is not full of great ICT practices, using different ICT and transforms students learning and enhances my teaching than what is the point of holding on to the lesson plan for future reference??

My ideal lesson plan will incorporate all the “bells and whistles” of using numerous hardware, software for enhancement and transformation of student learning, enabling my future students to access the wider society and confidently use ICT for greater employment opportunities in their futures.


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