Technology Explosion

Could you imagine this!!!  What would happen if you iPad, laptop or Smartphone exploded.  I for one would be a little crazy if my external hard drive exploded as all of my Uni information for the past 2 1/2 years has been stored on it.  Talking about hard drives and loosing information (which did happen to me last year when my hard drive just stopped working for no reason) the computer expert down the road was my life saver by telling me to put my external hard drive in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer fro 24 hours.  Once taking it out run to the computer (which should already be turned on and ready to copy any information from the “frozen” hard drive to the desk top or somewhere on your computer).  You may only have 10 mins or you could have an hour but once the hard drive stops again that is the end.

I though at the time that this “computer expert” was a bit crazy but as he pointed out to me that I had nothing to loose (other than all the information) as it wasn’t working at all and therefore really had no other choice.

So, if you at any stage (having no alternative choice other than to grab a box of kleenex, chocolate) need to throw out your hard drive because it has stopped for no reason…. the last thing to try before chucking it in the bin is to freeze it.

It worked for me and was able to copy ALL of my information from it to my laptop.










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