Salman Khan’s TedTalk

I just viewed Salman Khan’s Tedtalk Ted Talks- Using video to reinvent education which was discovered and posted reneelinke .  I found this talk very interesting in the way that assignment lectures were given for homework via a youtube clip and homework was to be done in class.  With this procedure set in place it allows the teacher more time to give each student the necessary help needed for that student to reach their own potential.  I would assume that this also would result in less off-task time and less low level disruptive behaviour as students are working at their own pace (without the frustration of being left behind or the embarrassment of raising their hand to ask for help).

The amount of data that is also collected via ICT is amazing!! This data allows teachers to see the concepts students are proficient in, or weather they are struggling and need extra support.  This aids in the teacher to assist students without having to ask them direct questions as to “What do you need help with?” or “Do you understand the concept yet?”, which could lead to high anxiety, embarrassment and low resilience.

Students these days appear to need all the emotional support that a teacher can give and I feel through this ICT strategy that is exactly what could happen.


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