Reflecting on my Reflection

Well, yesterday I thought I had conquered the ICT Creative Commons blogging business….Well how I thought wrong.

Once I had posted my blog with my new Creative License I went back into it and found that the link took me to a page that didn’t exist (talk about going mad!!) So, I have now slept on this and have come back wondering what today will bring ??? Who knows…  Talk about Toxic Stress!!

So I have just tested my assignment link out in a number of different ways and it works for me…Yipppeeee!!!

So, I believe (crossing my fingers) that I have properly attached my Lesson Plan for my    1st ICT & Prac Assignment  Explicit Literacy Teaching Lesson Plan with a Creative Commons License for my Uni marker to open and read with ease.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


Reflection Time: Creative Commons License


Oh my gosh, I have been sitting here for about 2 hours trying to workout how to put my Creative Commons license into my OneDrive account (which I created at the start of my Uni Education degree), for my first ICT Prac Assignment Lesson Plan.  Well, after reading Love Of Teaching blog I totally agree with the frustration of trying to work out ICT programs and devices when I feel as though I come from the Dark Ages.   But, how easy is it to just ‘open the book and turn the page’ when you know how!!!

I also have just been trying to find a great picture to imbed to show my feeling of “jumping for joy” with my excitement of being able to imbed my Creative Commons HTML code, however, now I know a little bit more about copyright I haven’t been able to find a picture that approves me to copy there picture.  I am happy to learn about Copyright and Creative Commons but I also think that not knowing about Copyright before was much easier just to imbed a photo……ah, how ignorance is bliss (sometimes).



Creative Commons Licence
‘Lightning Jack’ by N. Van Doorn is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at Explicit Literacy Teaching with ICT.

Reflection Time: Becoming a Teacher

I love the web blog Top Notch Teaching thanks to mberm 14 for finding it.

One of the best parts of Top Notch Teaching is the “100 Things I’ve Learned about being a Teacher”.  In reading this area of the blog it made me start to think about my own prac and things that I would like to achieve and practice while out there in a supported space with my new mentor.

  1. Time Management – Many times I seem to run out of time and go over the designated time limit for that lesson.  I think when I plan my lesson it is fine but once I actually teach it I need to ‘stick with the plan’ and watch the clock.

2. Behaviour Management Strategies – I would like to try different strategies instead of using the usual clapping signal, hands on my head for students to copy, one arm raised to signal listening and the count down.  I would like to try:after I have got the attention of a small group of chatty kids to hold their attention with one hand out (like a stop sign) while looking away and talking to another group.  This is meant to signal to the ‘chatterboxes’ that “my eyes are still watching you!” Also the ‘thinking pose’ with one hand to my chin to demonstrate and model ‘I am thinking’.  This would be used when I ask a tricky question I would say “So, what do you think?” (and put my hand to my chin).

3.Marking work – My last prac my mentor kept reminding me to mark the kids work (lol).  I guess being on prac I didn’t think of this as I thought the teacher would like to correct the kids work.  But, yes I need to mark kids work… (how silly not too,  I need to know what I’m doing is getting through to them, right?) lol.

My Reflection: The ICT Teaching World

I was just watching an ICT Booklet “Where you fit?” from my Uni subject ICT & Pedagogy regarding where we all fit in the world of ICT?? To be frank about it, the visuals are exactly how I feel and I am sure many more students, teachers and others feel the same way!!! Small, like a little dot compared to the amount of information that is being made and is out there in the cloud ‘somewhere’.  It is very overwhelming!

I also came across a site from my Diigo account Educational Videos, Free Kids Videos and Technology/TeacherTube thanks to cassandranewton. Where I followed the link to reach the Teach The World site.  This site looks full of great ideas for pre-service teachers and experienced teachers requiring a lesson plan ‘on-the-go’.  Once searching through this site I came across more lesson plans through the Lesson Planet Website? (No wonder people can sit on their computers all day, searching, clicking on links taking you further into the Information & Communication Technologies of the 21st Century!!!)

Any way, I am wondering about the Lesson Planet website?  I have found numerous lesson plans on this site but to actually look at them I need to sign up for a free 10 day trial.

My concerns are that:

1) after the 10 days I may get charged and/or

2) The sight may not allow the Uni Marker (for my 1st ICT assignment) to look at the plan (URL) if it is after the 10 day period

What do you think of this Lesson Planet sight?

While trying to develop resources for future efficiency  I am finding it hard to find a lesson plan that  “demonstrates a broad array of quality when it comes to how ICT is used”, which is what the assignment 1 task asks for.

I feel that if the lesson plan I choose is not full of great ICT practices, using different ICT and transforms students learning and enhances my teaching than what is the point of holding on to the lesson plan for future reference??

My ideal lesson plan will incorporate all the “bells and whistles” of using numerous hardware, software for enhancement and transformation of student learning, enabling my future students to access the wider society and confidently use ICT for greater employment opportunities in their futures.

Why use ICT

I have just completed my mind map of the reasons I think ICT should be utilised in the classrooms.  From studying the completion of my mind map I was very surprised that I thought ICT could, would and should be used in the classrooms and the advantages appeared to out-weight the reasoning for not using ICT.  The implementation of ICT in the classrooms also aide teachers with researching ideas, and having professional support from colleagues through blogging.

If you are interested in viewing my Gliffy “Why use ICT?” mind map you can view it by clicking on this link. “Why use ICT?”

Community of Bloggers



While scanning through different teacher blogs a I came across 2W & 2G’s Blog’s from their teachers over the Christmas holidays.  These bloggs were introductions to their new class and informing their new students the teachers personal interests, lifestyles and personalities within the blogg.  I was quiet excited to see that blogging is used in a year 2 class where it appears students and their families can post comments of their own holidays, interests and ideas onto the classrooms blog. This forms a sense of belonging, connectedness and responsibility at such a young age that I believe that these students will grow up being well versed in many forms of communication including on-line, face-to-face and able to confidently collaborate ideas through the forming of community friendships.  Thanks to Miss Azzopardi and Miss Forrester.


Introducing Stornory

While researching for my assignment one I came across the Storynory website.  This website can be used for a wide range of abilities for Story time.  Students with dyslexia, English as second language students can all advance from listening to the stories through a narrator.  Literacy skills such as listening, following along, sharing their thoughts afterwards/discussion time using the Four Resources model would be a beneficial way of including ICT into the literacy program.

I also read mrclancy’s blog regarding the use of Weebly to create a class website and utilising the drop down menu for different terms and KLA’s.  I think this is a great idea to incorporate ICT into a teachers hectic lifestyle where books and paperwork need not be brought home and homework can be submitted, kept track of and marked through this site.  Thanks again mrclancy.

ICT n Literacy

I am always amazed to find new ways to engage students in Literacy (and Maths to be honest).  I remember primary school days making a Treasure map and soaking it in tea then the teacher lighting/burning around the edges to make it appear old.

I came across MrClancy’s blogg regarding ‘We’re in the News’ where he describes an ICT Program which can enhance and possibly transform students literacy learning.  Students can now design and create their own newspaper.  How great would this be as an assessment where instead of teachers taking home students books and papers, to just open up your computer and mark their Newspaper article and then possibly email their mark to them via a student email or class blogg account!!



Salman Khan’s TedTalk

I just viewed Salman Khan’s Tedtalk Ted Talks- Using video to reinvent education which was discovered and posted reneelinke .  I found this talk very interesting in the way that assignment lectures were given for homework via a youtube clip and homework was to be done in class.  With this procedure set in place it allows the teacher more time to give each student the necessary help needed for that student to reach their own potential.  I would assume that this also would result in less off-task time and less low level disruptive behaviour as students are working at their own pace (without the frustration of being left behind or the embarrassment of raising their hand to ask for help).

The amount of data that is also collected via ICT is amazing!! This data allows teachers to see the concepts students are proficient in, or weather they are struggling and need extra support.  This aids in the teacher to assist students without having to ask them direct questions as to “What do you need help with?” or “Do you understand the concept yet?”, which could lead to high anxiety, embarrassment and low resilience.

Students these days appear to need all the emotional support that a teacher can give and I feel through this ICT strategy that is exactly what could happen.

Technology Explosion

Could you imagine this!!!  What would happen if you iPad, laptop or Smartphone exploded.  I for one would be a little crazy if my external hard drive exploded as all of my Uni information for the past 2 1/2 years has been stored on it.  Talking about hard drives and loosing information (which did happen to me last year when my hard drive just stopped working for no reason) the computer expert down the road was my life saver by telling me to put my external hard drive in a zip lock bag and put it in the freezer fro 24 hours.  Once taking it out run to the computer (which should already be turned on and ready to copy any information from the “frozen” hard drive to the desk top or somewhere on your computer).  You may only have 10 mins or you could have an hour but once the hard drive stops again that is the end.

I though at the time that this “computer expert” was a bit crazy but as he pointed out to me that I had nothing to loose (other than all the information) as it wasn’t working at all and therefore really had no other choice.

So, if you at any stage (having no alternative choice other than to grab a box of kleenex, chocolate) need to throw out your hard drive because it has stopped for no reason…. the last thing to try before chucking it in the bin is to freeze it.

It worked for me and was able to copy ALL of my information from it to my laptop.